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sweet-minicakes asked
Could you make your Frilly Top in purple?

This frilly top? because it is all ready purple unless you would like something darker


Won’t be on for a while

Sorry for not being on for a while or for the next week or so. I recently found out my mother has a tumor and now she is getting it taken out.


Short comic of how I’ve been feeling lately!

Seeing all the super cute paths makes me want to revise my town and actually work on it, haha!! Which means even if it’s gonna cost a pretty penny, I think I’m going to demolish most of my PWPs and possibly change my town paths.

Which means (funnily enough) Path is the one who’s going to suffer the most. Poor Path.



Did a makeup test for my Kabuki gijinka cosplay, for Kumoricon
his makeup is surprisingly difficult to replicate, so many lines o3o

either way, I AM ONE WITH MY ICON


So Beautiful TT^TT

I’m pretty happy I got an angel fish  :)
Love you Zach <3

I’m pretty happy I got an angel fish  :)

Love you Zach <3

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Portal - Still Alive: Town Tune Mix

… And with my amazing editing skills, I have proven myself that I have waaay too much time on my hands. Made completely with the “Town Tune” function in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

(Bonus points to those who know what my real town tune is.. You can hear it when I first talk to Isabelle!)

(Oh, and I’m also thinking of making a new tumblr for making  town tunes for people, and posting other audios similar to this? Not sure about it yet …)